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NEWS - Genex Launches World's First Multi-Channel DSD Recorder For Super Audio CD Production

Once you hear Super Audio CD you will never want to go back, wrote Joel Brinkley in the New York Times, late in 1999. Now, as this exciting new consumer audio format developed by Sony and Philips continues to attract rave reviews, so the race is on to expand the available catalogue of SACD recordings, which currently stands at 375 titles.

At the heart of the SACD format, lies the 2.8224MHz bitstream known as DSD (Direct Stream Digital). UK-based digital audio pioneer, Genex, has created a world's first through the introduction of its professional multi-channel DSD recorder - the Genex GX8500. Already, the recorder has been used on a number of location classical recordings intended for SACD release, and also for the re-mixing of back catalogue material destined for SACD.

"As the world's first commercially available Digital Audio Recorder to support multi-channel DSD recording, the Genex GX-8500 is proving valuable to the market development of the Super Audio CD," remarked Ayataka Nishio, Senior Engineer in Sony Corporation's Super Audio CD Business Center.

"The capacity for up to 8 channels of DSD recording allows for simultaneous recording of a stereo mix and a 5.1 channel mix, a feature that will prove powerful for upcoming production of multi-channel SACD software. Moreover, the addition of DSD compliant A/D and D/A converters will help to further realise the industry's high expectations for DSD recording."

At the end of 2000 there were eleven SACD players in the market supplied by a number of consumer equipment manufacturers, including Sony, Philips, Marantz and Accuphase. By 2003, as the format migrates into portable and mobile audio products, worldwide industry sales are predicted to exceed 20 million units.

Setting his sights somewhat lower, Genex Research founder Kevin Brown is nonetheless equally excited by the prospects for his technology "The facility to record DSD gives the GX8500 a unique extra dimension alongside its already market-leading 24-bit/192kHz PCM capabilities. Anyone interested in recording or mastering multi-channel digital audio at the highest possible quality has all the bases covered with a Genex".

Genex digital audio converters and recorders are exclusively distributed worldwide by HHB Communications.

12th May 2001


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