NEWS - MiniBrute is 299 till June 30th 2015!

The MiniBrute is the game-changing analogue synth from Arturia, a uniquely-voiced machine that put rich sounds and immediate, hands-on control at the fingertips of musicians, and all for a price that redefined 'good value'.

Normally 399, between May 4th and June 30th 2015 you can purchase a MiniBrute in the UK & Ireland for even less, a remarkable 299 inc VAT.

But hurry, stocks are limited and this offer ends June 30th 2015. To find an official Arturia stockist near you, click HERE (Opens in a new window).

Want to remind yourself what's so exciting about the MiniBrute? Check out our brand new performance video featuring the MiniBrute (and a protoype of the upcoming BeatStep Pro) below, and find out how much fun you can have with one:

MINIBRUTE TIPS AND TRICKS: Did you know that you can now add a step-sequencer to the MiniBrute, for free?

A new firmware trick has been shared on MiniBrute designer Yves Usson's 'HackaBrute' site, direct link here:

This means that your MiniBrute's arpeggiator section turns into the complex step sequencer found on the MiniBrute SE 'Special Edition', and you can always revert the MiniBrute back to the stock functionality later. There's even a PDF of the sequencer section graphics to print and stick to your new MiniBrute!

For more information contact:
Source Distribution
T: 0208 962 5080


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sourcedist Showing new and shiny @rodemic gear at the @britishfilminstitute #bfifuturefilmfestival this afternoon!