Ashun Sound Machines (ASM), creates musical instruments that empower musicians to unleash their creativity and expressiveness. Design, ease of use, quality of sound, and fun factors are at the core of their products. The ASM Hydrasynth - available as both a desktop or keyboard instrument - is a sound designer and performing musician's dream synth, providing expression and control that is not equaled in any other hardware synthesizer on the market.

The sound engine is designed for maximum flexibility. At the same time, the user interface is designed to allow users to edit and explore a patch intuitively and immediately. Utilising an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel, the tone generating capabilities are unmatched. The Hydrasynth Keyboard also provides ASM's proprietary Polytouch@trade; keybed, offering polyphonic aftertouch over each note, with the desktop unit also featuring polyphonic aftertouch, via a matrix of 24 touch-sensitive pads. Both models feature the same uniquely powerful synthesizer engine, and the same user-friendly interface at their core.


Moog Presents Source Distribution with Brand Ambassador Award

London - November 20th 2020 - Source Distribution, the exclusive distributor in the UK & Ireland for Moog Music Inc products, is proud to have been presented with the Moog Brand Ambassador of the year award. This award is given yearly to recognise outstanding communication of the Moog Music brand within a region.

Source Distribution wins Genelec Premium Program Award 2019

Source Distribution, exclusive Genelec distributor in the UK, is proud to report that it has been presented with the award for Most Constructive Implementation of Genelec's Premium Program in 2019.