Founded in 2018 by British designer and musician Steven Holmes, LOCI offers a unique solution to a major pain point for electronic music studio owners - arranging desktop equipment so that it is accessible, ergonomic and usable. LOCI designs can be combined, interlocked and expanded both horizontally and vertically, allowing users to expand their LOCI collection to accommodate multiple pieces of equipment in an extremely compact footprint.

Unlike other equipment stand solutions designed to hold only one specific device, LOCI stands are able to flexibly accommodate the needs of a studio owner now, and in the future, from full-size keyboards, wooden modular synth cases, to drum machines, desktop synthesizers, audio interfaces, as well as laptops, speakers and other devices. LOCI stands can be positioned at multiple angles to ensure the most ergonomic working environment, and are made from strong, responsibly sourced Oak wood, in Sheffield, UK.


Moog Presents Source Distribution with Brand Ambassador Award

London - November 20th 2020 - Source Distribution, the exclusive distributor in the UK & Ireland for Moog Music Inc products, is proud to have been presented with the Moog Brand Ambassador of the year award. This award is given yearly to recognise outstanding communication of the Moog Music brand within a region.

Source Distribution wins Genelec Premium Program Award 2019

Source Distribution, exclusive Genelec distributor in the UK, is proud to report that it has been presented with the award for Most Constructive Implementation of Genelec's Premium Program in 2019.