Vicoustic is dedicated to providing great rooms with great acoustics. As soon as you walk into a room, you are subconsciously affected by its acoustic properties. If the acoustics are too busy - with hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment - you feel uncomfortable. Vicoustic is unique in its commitment to the research and development of products and services in the acoustic field and at the same time providing acoustics solution with a unique and comforting look.

Vicoustic is simply more than a manufacturer of acoustic treatment and insulation products. With its own Research Laboratory and specialized team of designers and engineers, Vicoustic also provides support and advice to maximize customer satisfaction in the use of its products.

Vicoustic covers acoustic markets, ranging from the acoustic insulation of buildings and industrial machinery, to hi-fi, home cinema, music and broadcast studios. Customers include BBC, SIS, NATO, Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, Macklemore, Capitol Records and Depeche Mode, among others.

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sourcedist Showing new and shiny @rodemic gear at the @britishfilminstitute #bfifuturefilmfestival this afternoon!