High-density audio interface dedicated to hardware synth lovers, electronic musicians, and studio enthusiasts!


Arturia are delighted the unveil their brand new premium Audio Interface, meet AudioFuse 16Rig.

16Rig is a totally new type of Audio Interface

those with larger analogue setups and specific routing needs an all in one solution, coupled with with incredible sound quality, a wealth of unique features and all the connectivity you could ever want.

_Ultimate studio centrepiece
Studio full of synths? Full band recordings? Complex monitoring & routing needs? AudioFuse 16Rig gives you the next-level connectivity, versatility, and usability you need for your pro audio applications. Make your sound count.

_16 is just the beginning
Treat your setup to an interface that gives you all the connections you need. An entire setup can be kept connected to the rear I/O, leaving the front panel connections available for additional mics, instruments, or devices, while the inputs & outputs can be expanded with ADAT and rerouted as needed.

_Pristine sound quality
Give your recordings the shine and clarity they deserve with premium 24-bit AD/DA converters from ESS and Cirrus Logic. Whether it’s synths, guitars, vocals, or any combination of inputs, expect top-notch sound across the board.

_A standalone audio tool
For DAWless jamming or live performances, AudioFuse 16Rig just works. The interface can pass audio and MIDI signals even without a computer connected, with a low-latency MIDI-controllable internal mixer. You can even save configuration presets for easy stitching between setups.

_Comprehensive audio routing and special features
Configure AudioFuse 16Rig’s connections to suit nearly any need, including multiple sends/returns for creative recording and mixing, A/B speaker switching for confident mixing, guitar reamping, multiple headphone outputs for ensemble recording, and more.

_Key Features
16 TRS analogue inputs including 2 high-quality digitally-controlled preamps, 3.5mm stereo input
12 analogue outputs including 8 DC-coupled TRS line outputs, stereo monitor outputs, 6.35mm outputs for re-amping or dual-headphone configuration
ADAT for up to 16 channels of additional I/O at 48kHz
MIDI in & out via 5-pin DIN or USB
Two internal standalone mixers controllable by MIDI
Includes AudioFuse Control Centre
Includes AudioFuse Creative Suite of plugins