Genelec releases an update to their GLM software, available to download now

Genelec have released an update to their acclaimed room correction software GLM. GLM 4.1.1 is a free upgrade that offers a number of important bug fixes and firmware updates. It’s highly recommended that all users upgrade to the latest software version for various bug fixes and firmware updates.

Genelec’s GLM 4 software allows users of Genelec Smart Active Monitors and Subwoofers to connect, configure and control their monitoring system and minimise the unwanted acoustic influences of the room.

GLM 4.1.1 User Interface

Fixes in GLM 4.1.1 from 4.1

• Issue with 7200-series subwoofers is fixed, so connected digital audio channels can now be removed from the subwoofer’s reproduction.
• Improvement to subwoofer level calculation.
• Improvement to check for software/firmware updates. If any update is available, the notification message will be shown in the main page.
• Improvements for the MIDI interface, including a fix to prevent the UI freezing when using
the LoopMIDI application.
• SE7261 subwoofer system calibration bug is fixed.
• The SPL calibration starting bug is fixed, so the calibration process no longer starts without
the calibration microphone being connected.
• The max level restriction bug is fixed, so the restriction now works when the volume is
adjusted with the keyboard.
• The check for invalid characters is now added for the setup and group names, as some
characters are invalid for the file system.
• The USB library is updated to improve the system wake-up in Macintosh environments.
Improvement for both GLM adapter and USB Powermate devices is included.
• The firmware update feature is added for the following products: 8240A, 8250A, 8260A,
1238CF, 8351A, 1238DF, 1237A, 1238A, 1238AC, 1234A, 1234AC, 1235A, 1236A.
• The latest firmware files are added for the latest monitor models. Make sure that firmware
files are up-to-date to get all the benefits out of the SAM system.
GLM 4 – Release Note 12th Nov 2021
• The GLM adapter firmware update contains an improvement for the level handling when
using the 9310 wired volume potentiometer.
• The 9301A AES/EBU device firmware update improves the process of waking up from the
sleep mode.