New flagship Hybrid Synthesizer from UK Synth Company PWM, designed in collaboration with the late, great Chris Huggett.

PWM Music are delighted to announce a brand new synthesizer, meet the PWM Mantis:

Mantis is a unique, duophonic hybrid synthesizer that was co-developed by the late Chris Huggett (of EDP Wasp, OScar & more fame) and is dubbed as a spiritual successor to the OSCar, sporting precision digital oscillators, dual state variable filters and more.

Mantis is a premium synthesizer, sporting a high quality 37-note velocity and pressure sensitive keybed, SSI2164 IC’s for the VCF’s and VCA’s, custom high performance processors for the oscillators coupled with a pristine analogue signal path, which features a twice amplified gain structure for maximum clipping capabilities plus lush stereo digital FX.

The modulation capabilities are vast with:

  • Two unique ADSR’s that feature “sustain fall” that allows you to create a drop before release…even while a key is held for greater sound design possibilities. The envelopes can also be set to cycle.
  • Two tempo-syncable LFO’s with four waves, fade in and fade out parameters and a seriously wide operating range.
  • Ring modulation available at the mixer
  • And a unique modulation routing controller with 6 choices of modulation parameters, 6 choices of modulation sources and scale control, which used to scale the effect of the modulation.

In development over the last period of his life Chris threw everything into Mantis. Although incomplete when he sadly passed away in 2020, he handed the project over to Paul of PWM to carry on and continue the project.

PWM, with the support of Chris’ estate, think this synthesiser deserves to be born into the world for everyone to enjoy!

PWM MANTIS Key Features:

  • Hybrid-Analogue Synthesiser, powerful digital oscillators with dual analogue filters
  • With Mathematically Generated Oscillators with a Pure Analogue Signal Path
  • A Modernised Design Architecture based on the WASP with an OSCar style filter designed by the late, great Chris Huggett
  • Duophonic – Two Fully Independent Voices each with 2 Oscillators plus Sub-Oscillator per voice
  • Dual Filters – Multi-Mode State Variable VCF’s with Overdrive per voice that can be combined in Series or Parallel with Width Control
  • Keyboard – 37-Note Full-Size Semi-Weighted Keybed with Aftertouch plus Joystick
  • Fully featured Keyboard, Joystick and USB-MIDI Control for Easy Integration with any Studio or Live Environment