Streamer X, RØDECaster DUO, PODMIC USB, WIGO 2 Charge Case & XLR Cables

RØDE are very excited to introduce a slew of new products: Streamer X, RODECaster Duo, PODMIC USB, Wireless Go II Charging Case and a range of coloured XLR Cables!


The Streamer X is a revolutionary new product that combines a professional audio interface and video capture card in a compact, easy-to-use console.
It features studio-grade audio inputs for XLR and line-level devices, headsets and RØDE wireless microphones, with an ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™ and powerful APHEX audio processing delivering pristine sound quality.

It also offers 4K30 / 2K60 streaming and up to 2K120 / 4K60 pass-through for incredible video quality in a wide variety of applications, from streaming and gaming, to podcasting and content creation, to business presentations.

Two USB-C connections seamlessly accommodate dual PC setups, and four customisable SMART pads allow for on-the-fly triggering of sound or voice FX and other actions on a computer.

It is also fully compatible with RØDE software solutions, including UNIFY, RØDE Central and RØDE Connect for expanded functionality and unmatched flexibility.
The Streamer X represents a new way to livestream with incredible audio and video. Never before has broadcast-quality video and audio capture been possible using a single console.

This is the ultimate all-in-one streaming solution.


  • Professional audio interface and video capture card for streaming
  • 4K video capture and passthrough
  • Variable video refresh rate support
  • Studio-grade revolution preamp™ with Neutrik® combo input for XLR microphones or line-level devices
  • TRRS input for connecting headsets
  • Dual USB-C interfaces for audio connection to two independent computers
  • Integrated RØDE series IV 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • Four smart pads for triggering sounds, voice FX, and more
  • Compatible with UNIFY, RØDE Central and RØDE Connect
  • Designed and made in RØDE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia


The RØDECaster Duo is a compact and incredibly powerful all-in-one audio production solution for podcasters, streamers, musicians and content creators​. It offers the same unmatched feature set and peerless versatility as the revolutionary RØDECaster Pro II – with the same high-power quad-core audio engine, Revolution Preamps™, APHEX® audio processing and endless customisability ­– now in an even more compact and portable form factor.

RØDE created the all-in-one podcasting console category with the original RØDECaster Pro in 2018 and, since its release in 2022, the RØDECaster Pro II has been praised as the most powerful audio production console of its kind.

The RØDECaster Duo will continue this legacy, delivering everything that users have come to love about its sibling in a more compact footprint ­– perfect for creators that require fewer audio inputs but don’t want to compromise on audio quality.

The PodMic USB is an ultra-versatile, broadcast-grade dynamic microphone for podcasting, streaming and content creation. It offers the same incredible sound quality and compact yet rugged form factor as the best-selling PodMic, with a powerful new feature up its sleeve: XLR and USB connectivity.

Fresh off the back of the release of the NT1 5th Generation – the world’s first studio condenser to offer both XLR and USB connectivity – this incredible feature has now been added to the PodMic. When using the analog XLR output, the PodMic USB is exactly the same as the original, albeit with a sleek new finish and studio-grade pop filter.

When using the digital USB output, it offers a range of next-generation features that make it super flexible, including a Revolution Preamp and high-quality analog-to-digital conversion for pristine audio capture, advanced DSP for adding professional APHEX voice processing to any recording, and compatibility with smartphones and tablets for use on the go. It also features a zero-latency headphone output and on-board volume control and is compatible with the complete RØDE software suite, including RØDE Central, RØDE Connect, RØDE Capture and UNIFY, making it the most versatile microphone ever.


The Charge Case is a handy charging case for the Wireless GO II. It accommodates both transmitters and the receiver and features an integrated battery that facilitates three full recharges for up to 30 hours of continuous use. With a rugged enclosure and zip system, it is also perfect for protecting the Wireless GO II when in transit or storage.


The XLR-3 and XLR-6 are premium XLR cables ideal for use with a wide range of audio equipment. Featuring professional-grade Canare™ cabling and high-quality Neutrik® connectors, they ensure incredibly clean signal transfer with extremely low noise.

Available in two lengths – 3m (10ft) and 6m (20ft) –and a range of different colours, including orange, purple, green, blue, red, pink and black, they are perfect for use with RØDE products that feature colour-coded inputs, such as the RØDECaster Pro II, or any product with an XLR connection.