RODE Webinar goes out to the dealer network

It is well documented that RØDE are truly relentless when it comes to research and development of products for existing and emerging markets. 2023 will be a landmark year for RØDE and it all kicks off with new product arrivals in February. The customers of our dealer network will be constantly knocking their doors for what is to come.

To support this, Source partnered with staff at RODE HQ to put together a live webinar designed to support and encourage trade with our dealer network. Ryan Burke – Head of Sales and the global face of RØDE and Dan Woodall – Director of Marketing were able to join us from Australia and talked through key new releases, as well as clearly outline and give a backstory as to why investments have been made in certain areas and how our dealer’s businesses can benefit in said opportunities. Ryan was ably supported by the Source Distribution Team: Darren Power – Director of Sales & Marketing, Tom Lewis – Brand Manager & Alex Smith – Marketing Manager, who were also able to share information relevant to the UK market during the presentation. New products and new channel opportunities always stimulate business for us all, RØDE are going to be very busy throughout 2023 in this department, events like this ensure our dealer network are not left behind.

The event had a total of 38 attendees from 14 different Rode dealers, alongside internal staff from Source & HHB.